Cinnamon Girl

Cinnamon Girl donates $1-A-Bun today, Thursday December 2, 2021, to Hopeacts, a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 by the HopeGateWay Faith Community.

Hope Acts, now in its eighth year, remains a beacon of hope for asylum seekers. The organization has housed more than 80 asylum seekers at Hope House, and assisted hundreds more through classes and individualized assistance. Rev. Allen Ewing-Merrill was the organization’s first Executive Director. In 2020

Support for Asylum Seekers and Immigrants

Hope Acts’ work is based on the organization’s firm belief that asylum seekers and migrant workers should get an opportunity to flourish in the United States. Hope House, an apartment building in downtown Portland ME, serves as a residence for asylum seekers and where English courses and individualized support are provided.

Hope acts offer accommodation, Language training, and other resources to assist immigrants in adjusting to life in Greater Portland and accomplishing their long-term goals. They visualize a society in which immigrants are accepted and energized on multiple levels: socially, emotionally, physiologically, financially, and experientially.

Hope Acts Programs

Transitional Housing

Hope House is the country’s first shelter for up to 13 individual asylum seekers. Citizens of Hope House are expected to communicate with Portland’s people and places and reap the benefits of the many available resources both in-house and from others. In a pleasant, family-like setting, they offer one-on-one support as well as educational and cultural events.

Language Program in English (HHELP)

The Hope House English Language Program (HHELP) provides adult English for Nonnative speakers (ESOL) students with the chance to advance and practice their trying to read, composing, having to listen, spoken and English language skills in limited, helpful courses.

Asylum Seeker Assistance Program (ASAP)

The Asylum Seeker Aid Program (ASAP) is available to any asylum seeker who needs help in access care or comprehension paperwork. Work authorization documents are prepared as part of the ASAP services (EAD or form I-765).

Here are a few instances of how they can assist:

  • Searching for and applying for housing
  • Job hunting and implementation
  • Recognizing and trying to read English mail and documents
  • Attending meetings, locating other resources and services, and keeping track of your schedule
  • Filling out work authorization forms

Please come by and support Hope Acts by purchasing cinnamon or pecan or holiday Chocolate Peppermint Bun. Walking Trail at Back Cove (parking lot across from Hannaford)…10am-2pm today 🙂