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Hi All 🙂 Tuesday May 21 we’re donating $1-A-Bun to Partnership for Children’s Oral Health. Please stop by Back Cove across from Hannaford from 10am to 2pm.!

Partnership for Children’s Oral Health

Integrating Oral Health into Primary Care

Oral health is closely connected to overall health and well-being. Lack of oral health care in childhood contributes to serious and costly complications for health and economic stability later in life. Yet, our healthcare system has historically separated the prevention and treatment of dental disease from other conditions in spite of the fact that the mouth is interconnected with every system in the human body. Many forms of oral health integration are possible both within the medical office and across medical and dental providers.

Health Integration Action Team initiatives include implementing “From the First Tooth,” and other projects supporting medical practices to deliver preventive services within the primary care setting.

Expanding Oral Health in School and Community Settings

Thousands of children in Maine have been going without regular routine preventive care because they are unable to access care in a traditional dental office. When preventive oral health care is provided in schools and childcare settings, many barriers to care are removed; this results in more timely services for children and lifelong improvements in oral health and quality of life.

Our School Action Team convenes partners statewide to develop innovative approaches and collaborative strategies to increase preventive oral health care for children in school and community settings.

Transforming Oral Health Systems to Serve all People in Maine

Children who are covered by MaineCare insurance (Maine’s Medicaid program) or who have no dental insurance at all face many barriers to timely dental care. Maine needs more dental providers who will serve children with MaineCare coverage or who need a sliding fee scale to make care affordable. The financing of dental care as currently designed is insufficient to sustain a robust provider network that can serve all people in the state.

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