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As Maine’s only public charter high school dedicated to STEM, Baxter Academy has a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum promoting student ownership of learning through curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Baxter

Academy students study complex, real-world problems. Students use and build technological tools in a collaborative environment with scientists, engineers, artists, musicians, writers, architects and many other professionals. Our programming also provides access to transferable college credits at no cost to our students.


Inquiry leads learning at Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, a public charter high school free to Maine students. The project-based STEM curriculum emphasizes real-world problem solving and is paired with a humanities program that connects ideas across disciplines and cultivates strong communication skills. Students design innovative projects through Flex Friday, a unique program requiring initiative, perseverance, and collaboration, as well as reflection on the work and its impact in the community.


Baxter students choose work that inspires their imaginations. They persevere through setbacks and innovate with curiosity, conscience, and creativity. They solve real-world problems. Baxter students matter not only to their school but also to a strong future for Maine.

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