Cinnamon Girl

This Tuesday May 14, Cinnamon Girl donates $1-A-Bun to LearningWorks. Across from Hannaford on Baxter Boulevard from 10am to 2pm. Please join us in support of LearningWorks!

LearningWorks offers academics, youth development, and social and emotional expertise to make it possible for students – coming from a place of struggle and hopelessness – to a place of possibility and opportunity.

Mission Statement

LearningWorks responds to educational needs in the community by providing tutoring, mentoring, and alternative education opportunities designed to ensure the success of learners whose needs are not met by traditional systems.

LearningWorks Programs & Purpose

LearningWorks strengthens the communities we serve by providing free, community-based education programs for children, adults, and families throughout southern Maine. Our programs support academic and personal success for learners who lack resources and/or fall outside traditional educational structures. Currently, our core programs include:

  • LearningWorks AfterSchool provides free, high-quality after-school and summer programs for students in grades Pre-K – 5 who are academically performing below or partially below grade level and may not have the resources to access a paid after-school enrichment or tutoring program.
  • LearningWorks Service Works provides opportunities for corrections-involved youth to complete mandated community service, learn life skills, and rehabilitate harmed relationships through restorative practices.
  • LearningWorks YouthBuild provides integrated alternative education and occupational skills instruction for unemployed youth who have dropped out of high school with program components that include life skills and leadership development.

The overarching goal of LearningWorks is to transition students from a place of struggle and hopelessness to a place of possibility and opportunity through a blend of academics, youth development, and social and emotional support. Find out more at