Cinnamon Girl

Cinnamon Girl donates $1-A-Bun to The Family Restored today, Wednesday April6 2022.

Supporting families

Coping with a loved one’s addiction is challenging, frustrating, painful. The Family Restored knows and understands the challenges families face, so we provide family support meetings in four New England states. Our goal is to strengthen families and inspire hope. Join us at one of our meetings.


The Family Restored hosts several events – Annual 5K Run/Walk, Silent Auction, Softball Tournament – to raise funds for its scholarship program, operating budget and outreach programs. Each event requires a team of volunteers, board members, businesses/corporations, people in recovery, family members and community support to achieve its goal.

Helping people access treatment

We know the cost of treatment can be a barrier to care, so The Family Restored raises funds to make treatment possible. If you are struggling with addiction and lack the funds necessary to access treatment or sober living, consider applying for a scholarship.

The Family Restored (TFR) began in 2011 in Portland, Maine when a small group of people in recovery started a support meeting to help families understand and cope with their loved one’s addiction.This group knew from experience how their addiction had hurt their families and loved ones. As facilitators they offered a unique perspective to educate, inform, and inspire hope for families.

During the course of the support meetings, facilitators heard families speak repeatedly about one daunting challenge – how to pay for treatment. While families were eager to support their loved ones through their treatment and recovery, families often did not have the financial resources to pay for care and treatment. Consequently, many people struggling with addiction who desired treatment could not get the care they desperately sought and needed. Witnessing the families’ dedication and commitment to improving the health and well being of their loved ones, several of the facilitators were inspired to make a difference.

They had an idea – establish a scholarship fund to help families pay the treatment and recovery housing costs for their loved one. They believed lives could be restored with access to treatment. They knew recovery was possible. They saw it happening on a daily basis. In 2014, they created and launched The Family Restored.

The Family Restored is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to strengthen and support families affected by addiction. We accomplish this mission by offering family support groups, 12-step workshops, and scholarships to help pay for treatment and recovery housing for those who cannot afford it. The Family Restored’s scholarship program was founded to provide treatment opportunities for those seeking 12-Step abstinence-based treatment. We partner specifically with treatment facilities and recovery residences that use a 12-step abstinence-based model of recovery. We understand there are many pathways that meet the diverse needs of those suffering from substance use disorder and fully embrace the freedom for people to choose their own treatment pathway.

We’ve got buns and hot coffee today for this marvelous group.  Please stop by!