Cinnamon Girl

This Wednesday May 18, 2022 Cinnamon Girl donates $1-A-Bun toThe Immigrant Welcome Center.

The Immigrant Business Hub was created to help immigrants understand, navigate and thrive as an integral part of the Maine business community.

We are building programs to support the development and success of new and established immigrant-owned businesses and offer seminars with experts from different business professions, access to co-working space and other IWCs resources, and the opportunity to connect with the others in the business community.

Entrepreneur Greenhouse

The first initiative of the Immigrant Business Hub was the Immigrant Entrepreneur Greenhouse, a six-month, intensive training and development program for five qualified immigrant entrepreneurs in Portland, Maine. The program provided:

Zero Interest Loans

We are proud to announce that IWC has joined the DreamxAmerica’s partnership with Kiva U.S., the DxA-Kiva Special Initiative, which connects small immigrant- owned businesses throughout the United States with zero-interest, zero-fee loans. As a result of this partnership, we have already connected some 45 immigrant business owners in the Greater Portland area, to apply for the zero-interest, zero-fee loans.

The Indus fund

The Indus Fund is a micro-loan fund dedicated to New Mainers (first generation immigrants) looking to create a life for themselves and their families, catalyze their businesses, build credit and banking history, and help grow the Maine economy.


With a strong belief that we cannot build an inclusive economy without an inclusive democracy, the IWC is committed to a robust and collaborative citizenship and civic engagement campaign targeting all immigrant communities in Maine.



Less than 4% of English learners in the U.S. have access to the quality English instruction they need for work and community. We’re working to change that.
Thanks to our funders, New Mainers across the state can access a high-quality, online English-learning program offered by EnGen.

Why English Language Acquisition matters

English proficiency is an essential gateway to economic opportunity for immigrant workers. Yet access to acquiring these skills is persistently limited by a lack of resources and attention. Increasing investment in adult English instruction—through targeted outreach and instructional innovations—will enhance the human capital of immigrants that could lead to enhanced career opportunities and better outcomes for their families.