Cinnamon Girl

Cinnamon Girl donates profits to Camp Sunshine Thursday December 9, 2021.

Founded in 1984, Camp Sunshine provides respite, fun, and support for children with life-threatening diseases and their families at various phases of their illness while encouraging hope and fostering pleasure.

Camp Sunshine‘s curriculum is available all year and is unique in that it is meant to support the entire household in a retreat setting. Families may participate in the program for free, and it offers on-site medical assistance. A grieving session is also available for people who’ve lost a child due to a severe illness.

Year-Round Programs at Camp Sunshine

People from all around the United States, Europe, and other global areas go camping at Sunshine in Casco, Maine, to enjoy their distinctive vacation on lovely Sebago Lake. Family members arrive through one of Camp Sunshine‘s three yellow entrances, where yellow-shirted volunteers and mascots Sunny greet them, Chip Chip, and Lupi. They immediately see that they are considering the requirements of each family member.

Volunteers (approximately 75 every session) put families at rest with decades of devotion and skill. Families may relax and unwind knowing that there is a doctor on hand. Camp Sunshine is a location where families can unwind and allow staff and volunteers to look after all of their needs.

Meeting other families who are dealing with similar challenges, big and little, is a unique advantage of the camp trip; speaking to other people who understand precisely how they think is a distinct advantage of the camp experience. They can participate in various activities with up to 40 other families by attending one of the roughly 15 year-round programs. There is something for everyone in the family, whether it’s climbing to the top of the climbing wall, catching a fish in the lake, taking horse-drawn wagon rides in the fall, or training to ski during their winter courses.

Various Programs

Families with kids with cancer, hematologic issues, renal illness, systemic lupus erythematosus, and those who have had solid organ transplants benefit from Camp Sunshine. They provide activities for families and children at various stages of sickness and forums for families in unusual situations among the broader populations they serve.

Bereavement classes are also available to families who have previously attended or lost a child due to a severe illness.

Please consider purchasing cinnamon or pecan or seasonal pumpkin bun to benefit Camp Sunshine. Walking Trail at Back Cove (parking lot across from Hannaford). We hope to see you soon!