Cinnamon Girl

Wednesday January 5, 2022 Cinnamon Girl donates $1-A-Bun to Community Housing of Maine (CHOM).

CHOM develops, owns, and maintains high-quality affordable housing and provides advocacy, supportive housing, community inclusion, and stability for homeless and special needs populations across the state. CHOM is currently housing more than 1,000 of Maine’s most vulnerable people. 

CHOM believe’s that housing, together with support services, provides stability, fosters dignity and respect, and transforms lives.  CHOM advocates for people with special needs, and collaborates on their behalf to produce and maintain community-based housing that fosters a sense of pride, dignity, and respect.

CHOM will advocate for people with special needs, and collaborate on their behalf to produce and maintain quality, community-based housing that fosters a sense of pride, dignity, and respect, while ensuring CHOM’s long-term sustainability.


Community Housing of Maine’s mission is to

1. To acquire, develop, own, and maintain quality housing which is affordable for people with low- to moderate-incomes, including people who are homeless and/or have special needs;

2. To foster and support additional housing opportunities for people with low- to moderate-incomes, people who are homeless, and people with special needs, through public education and policy development.


Community Partnerships

CHOM initiated and coordinates the Maine Coalition for Housing and Quality Services, a parent-led 4,000-member advocacy organization for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

The Coalition has developed a lifelong continuum of care for populations with intellectual/developmental disabilities – a continuum of care that has been widely accepted, codified, and is in the process of being implemented – among other initiatives.

CHOM staff actively participate in and play leadership roles in the Statewide Homeless Council, Regions I, II, and III Homeless Councils, the Maine Continuum of Care (MCOC), the Emergency Shelter Assessment Committee (ESAC), the Maine Affordable Housing Coalition (MAHC), and the Maine Developmental Services Oversight and Advisory Board, among other groups.

CHOM plays an active role in researching and disseminating information about Federal, State, and local legislation and policy initiatives.  CHOM plays an integral role in assisting groups, coalitions, and organizations in taking action to support policies, legislation, and initiatives pivotal to the successful community inclusion of vulnerable populations.

Homeless Advocacy

All of CHOM’s work is rooted in vigorous advocacy, working to ensure that everyone is included as part of the community.  This is done through local, municipal, State, and Federal collective, grassroots advocacy efforts designed to ensure that people have access to the resources needed to live and thrive.  

CHOM has established collaborative relationships with advocates in Maine, who all work together to effect positive, lasting change for vulnerable populations. 

CHOM plays an active role in the Maine Homeless Policy Committee, a joint standing committee of the Statewide Homeless Council and the Maine Continuum of Care. This committee is comprised of steadfast advocates across Maine working on policy initiatives to end and prevent homelessness.

Importantly, through this work CHOM has cultivated strong relationships with Maine Legislators and Members of Congress to see that vulnerable populations in Maine are at the forefront of policy decisions and resource allocation at all levels of government.

What an amazing group! Please stop by – in support of Community Housing of Maine – and buy a bun – or 2 buns or a dozen! 10am-2pm Wednesday January5 on Back Cove across from Hannaford 🙂