Cinnamon Girl

Thursday, September 1, 2022, Cinnamon Girl donates $1-A-Bun to Avesta Housing!

Advocating for Quality of Life

Avesta Housing improves lives and strengthens communities by promoting and providing quality affordable homes for people in need.

Avesta draws upon years of reciprocal relationships with the financial industry, funders, community leaders, and housing advocates in order to develop, acquire, and preserve hundreds of affordable units each year.

Avesta’s staff contributes extensive management, legal, financial, community planning, and construction experience. Avesta adheres to smart growth principles, sustainability guidelines, and design standards informed by Avesta’s development and property management experience.

Property Management

Avesta Housing manages approximately 100 properties and 2,700 affordable and market-rate units throughout Maine and New Hampshire. These properties vary greatly in size, age, and type, but our philosophy managing them is consistent. We care about the people living in our communities, and we care about the condition and performance of our buildings. Avesta’s success derives from its strong desire to help its residents and optimize the spaces in which they live.

Avesta has a large Property Management & Resident Services team with a highly trained and experienced staff of Property Managers, Resident Service Coordinators, Maintenance Technicians, and Custodians. A team is assigned to each property to ensure maximum attention and support.
Greater Independence for Maine Seniors

Supporting seniors is an important piece of Avesta’s mission. As Maine’s population ages, the scope of Avesta Housing’s commitment to affordable housing has grown to include those for whom a private residence may no longer be an option. We have two assisted-living communities – Inn at Village Square in Gorham, Maine and 75 State Street in Portland, Maine. The Inn and 75 State Street offer personalized, affordable, and supportive living options for seniors, and they pride themselves on knowing the residents well.

Avesta Homeownership Center

Avesta is a HUD-certified agency and provide counseling services for:

  • Renters aspiring to become homeowners
  • Renters struggling to maintain financial stability
  • Homeowners at risk of losing their home due to foreclosure
  • Homeowners seeking expert advice on maintaining and improving their homes
  • Any community member who needs a plan for their personal financial goals
Please stop by Back Cove from 10a-2p and buy a bun in support of this wonderful organization!