Cinnamon Girl

On Thursday December 23, 2021 Cinnamon Girl donates $1-A-Bun to Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine, SARSSM, a social services resource providing prevention, counseling, education, and advocacy. Sexual Assault Relief Services of Southern Maine, or SART, offers free assistance in York and Cumberland counties to anyone affected by sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or sexual assault.

SARSSM, previously the Rape Crisis Center, Inc., was created in 1973 by survivors who saw a need for services and support in Cumberland County. Rape Crisis Center, Inc. provided a network of support, advocacy, referrals, and community education. The Center’s capacity was expanded through contributions of office space, administrative support, the establishment of a volunteer program and the addition of a 24-hour helpline. Rape Crisis Center, Inc. changed its name to Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine (SARSSM) in 1995 to better represent the extent of its work, and was awarded funds to expand services into York County. In 1976, SARSSM became a 501(c)(3) organisation.


Any one who has been sexually attacked, harassed, or mistreated can get immediate support:

  • A certified sexual assault advocate will provide the caller with free, private help.
  • A time to discuss what happened, how the caller is feeling, and what the caller might require right now.
  • Resources and information to assist the caller with the next steps in healing and recovery.
  • Referrals for longer-term assistance in the victim’s area (mental health help, legal, police, or healthcare).
  • SART Advocates help survivors by supporting and empowering them for as long as they need it.
  • At any time offer emotional support.
  • Assist the victim in navigating complicated systems (such as the legal system, healthcare, the job, and schools).
  • Respond to inquiries regarding whatever procedure the victim may be going through (like reporting to police).
  • If necessary, assist the survivors’ friends and relatives.
  • If necessary, refer the survivor to additional community resources and assistance.
  • Follows the victim through any step of the procedure (such as reporting to the police, completing court documents, or applying for Victims’ Compensation).
  • Assist the survivor in creating a safety plan.
  • Assist the survivor in making plans for their current and future needs.

Please stop by between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., this Thursday, and Buy A Bun for SARSSM!