Cinnamon Girl

Cinnamon Girl contributes funds to the Maine Boys to Men tomorrow, Tuesday December 7, 2021. Maine Boys to Men supports the growth of self-aware, empathic boys and men to stop male violence, self-harm and to promote gender justice.

Maine Boys to Men believes in a future where all individuals, regardless of gender, are appreciated, supported, and secure.

The organization focuses on boys’ growth in connection to relationships, socialization, and cultural settings.

Boys, especially, are inundated with restricted, confused, and often damaging notions about masculinity from an early age. Maine Boys to Men believes the problem is not with boys, but with the society where they live and grow. While it holds boys and men to a higher standard of individual accountability, the organization also places an appropriate amount of emphasis on the surroundings, institutions, community organizations, and peer culture—as crucial agents of change in boys’ lives.


Taking Action Against Male Violence

Boys and men are constantly assaulted with restricted, ambiguous, and often harmful messages about what masculinity is and isn’t, contributing to a culture of self-harm, disrespect, and aggression towards others. The organization’s one-of-a-kind collection of experiential seminars, based on a deeper understanding of masculinity, equips participants with the skills to recognize potentially dangerous situations before they turn violent. There are programs for youth, youth-serving adults, new Mainers, dads, and interested adults, as well as training programs to bring their work to the community.

Boys to Men is Maine’s only nonprofit dedicated to improving gender equity and ensuring safe and secure communities for all boys and men. With its innovative and effective preventive programs, the organization has reached thousands of adolescents and adults over the years. Through its Training Institute, the important work statewide and beyond today. Your support helps their brave commitment to stopping male violence and self-harm


Gender-based violence research:

  • Sexual Assault (Sexual Assault)

In college, one in every five women is sexually assaulted.

  • Domestic Abuse

One of every four American women is subjected to domestic abuse by a spouse.

  • Relationship Violence

One in five tweens knows someone who has been a victim of dating violence.

  • Suicide

Males aged fifteen to nineteen are five times more likely than girls of the same age to commit suicide.

  • The Involvement of Drugs

Boys aged ten to seventeen are five times more likely to be involved in drug-related criminality.

Please swing by and buy cinnamon or pecan or seasonal Chocolate Peppermint Bun. Walking Trail at Back Cove (parking lot across from Hannaford). We hope to see you soon!