Cinnamon Girl

On Tuesday December 28, 2021 Cinnamon Girl honors a worldwide organization, The Salvation Army, an evangelical branch of the universal Christian Church.

The Bible is at the heart of the Salvation Army‘s message. God’s love inspires its ministry. The organization aims to spread Jesus Christ’s gospel and satisfy human needs in His name, regardless of race or ethnicity. There are several ways to get involved with The Salvation Army in Northern New England. Your participation assists them in carrying out the work to which God has called.

In this region, there are 20 Salvation Army Corps Community Centers and Service Units in over 200 towns and villages.

Committed to Helping Others

The Salvation Army’s mission is to enhance the physical environment, provide necessities, and lead people to a personal connection with Jesus Christ. Its Christian religious and social service organization is committed to the never-ending fight against the twin foes of sin and despair. It’s a full-body, mind-body, and soul ministry.

The Compassionate Army

The Salvation Army believes God created gave it the power to address both temporal and spiritual needs. The Salvation Army welcomes all people to serve.

The Salvation Army puts their hearts and souls into their work, but they can’t do it alone. They are looking for individuals like you to participate in the battle for good by donating your time, skill, and resources so that they can continue to serve others. Every present, no matter how great or tiny, is priceless.

Here’s How They Help…


  • Teach & Empower Youth
  • Share God’s Love
  • Give Hope to Families
  • Meet Basic Human Needs
  • Disaster Services
  • Provide Shelter
  • Alleviate Hunger
  • Camp Sebago
  • Fight Human Trafficking
  • Serving Adults of All Ages

How You Can Help


Your contributions stay in the community where they are received, allowing us to aid those most in need.

Create your fundraiser to support a cause that matters to you and provide hope to individuals in your community who are in need.

The items you give and the money you spend at Salvation Army Stores help finance programs that help people that have been through a difficult time. Use your donor-advised funds to help the Salvation Army the most.

Cinnamon Girl will contribute $1 for every bun sold on December 28, 2021. Please stop by between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Tuesday to Friday, and Buy A Bun!