Cinnamon Girl

This week, October 25 – 29, 2021, Cinnamon Girl is donating profits to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine – 5 clubs serving Portland (in-town), Riverton Park (Portland), Sagamore Village (Portland) South Portland and Lewiston/Auburn.

For over 100 years – since 1909 – the Boys & Girls Club has been serving the youth of Southern Maine with a safe, enriching, supportive environment for children and teens after-school.  In Southern Maine alone about 3,000 members boys and girls ages 6-18 attend each year, with about 500 members attending on any given day.

What do Boys & Girls Clubs Do?

The clubs provide after-school programs for children and teens ages 6-18 years old. Programs are designed specifically to build self-esteem and prepare youth with employment-skills for future success. Specifically, age-appropriate (6-18 year-old) programs include:


  • Health and Wellness programs to develop positive health behaviors and interpersonal skills
  • Character and Leadership programs to develop skills and opportunities for adulthood
  • Workforce Readiness programs to prepare participants for workplace success
  • Art programs to cultivate and nurture creativity and provide outlet for self-expression
  • Academic programs to ensure teens graduate from high school on-time and are prepared for more education and/or a viable 21st-century career.
Although we’re bracing for a Nor’Easter over the next few days, and are not planning to be at our usual post on Back Cove on Tuesday because of the weather, we WILL be there – rain or shine – on Wednesday. Please stop by and support Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine with your purchase of a scrumptious Cinnamon Bun or Sticky Pecan Bun. Oh – and Halloween Pumpkin Buns are available all week 🙂