Cinnamon Girl

On Wednesday December 1, 2021, Cinnamon Girl is donating profits to Amistad Maine.

Amistad Maine which envisions a society where everyone is acknowledged, incentivized, and treated with respect, or where those struggling with mental illness, substance abuse disorders, joblessness, hunger, and complexities receive the help, kindness, and assistance they need to recoup and achieve great results.

Amistad, initially known as the Amity Center, was formed in 1982 by households with loved ones suffering from serious mental disorders who wanted a secure place to spend their leisure time while being treated with respect and decency.

Amistad has expanded much beyond its “social club” roots and currently provides a wide range of programming in South and Central Maine. The Portland Peer Help and Rehab Facility is Maine’s largest peer center, and two other Peer Centers have just opened in Bath and Boothbay. Peer trainers and community workers also interact with persons on the sidewalks and assist them in getting help—the solutions to improve navigation assistance at a network of medical. In addition, rehabilitation apartments are available for women desiring recovery from drug use disorder, people trafficking, abuse, imprisonment, and other issues.

What does Amistad do?

Amistad exists to provide and enhance the lives of those affected by mental disorders, substance abuse, unemployment, trauma, discrimination, and deprivation. Their street-level, low-barrier programs use a Peer Model to address a variety of unpleasant realities, and they celebrate recovery every day!

  • Homelessness

Despite several community attempts to address the issue, the number of persons needing emergency refuge or sleeping in places unsuitable for human habitation has remained stable.

  • Food scarcity

Food prices have grown drastically in the previous decade. Still, service industry salaries and disability payments keep people below the poverty line, even though access to food stamps has been significantly limited.

  • Medical care and treatment

People with severe mental illness die up to 30 years sooner than the general population. Yet, access to affordable healthcare and necessary treatment for mental illness and drug use disorders has been limited in recent years.

  • Community and assistance

Loneliness, isolation and a lack of strong, sober interactions are all issues that can prolong the agony of persons who have mental illness and drug use disorders and hamper their recovery.

  • The Opioid Epidemic

Detox, housing, treatment, and recovery supports are key components in saving the lives of opiate addicts, yet these services are in dangerously short supply in our community.

Come by and help Amistad Maine by purchasing a delicious Cinnamon Bun or Sticky Pecan Bun. Oh, and Holiday Chocolate Peppermint Buns are available all week.